Labor’s Blueberry Police

The Wall Street Journal

When conservatives argue that an overbearing regulatory state suppresses hiring and investment, doubtful liberals often say: Show us an example. Please meet the growers in Marion County, Oregon.

Initiative, compromise force SEIU’s agenda

By Saerom Yoo, Statesman Journal

SEIU Local 49, a health care workers union, has dropped its five ballot initiatives and agreed to start a dialogue with hospitals and the Oregon Nurses Association, but the initiatives may have already done their intended job — forcing the agenda.

With Portland teacher strike averted, a roundup on the role of unions

By Mike Francis, The Oregonian

The big news in Portland today is the last-minute agreement that ends the threat of a Portland Public Schools teacher strike. The strike, which would have started Thursday, was avoided at the last minute after a 10-month standoff between the school district and the Portland Association of Teachers. At this hour, terms haven’t been disclosed, but along the way, both sides have been reported to have made significant concessions.

Oregon strike threat a time to end public sector collective bargaining

By Paul F. deLespinasse,

Without taking sides with the teachers or with the school board, we need to think about the legal framework within which the possibility of an unprecedented strike in Portland, Ore., has developed. Decades of experience suggest that public sector collective bargaining is a bad idea and that legislation authorizing it should be repealed.