Downtown strike

Voting to strike and actually going on strike are two very different things. On Thursday, the Culinary Local 226 did the former. If the union follows through on the latter, it will be the group’s most significant work stoppage in Las Vegas in 30 years.

Nevada unions could split with Democrats over Obamacare

By Laura Myers, Las Vegas Review-Journal

Union workers upset with President Barack Obama’s health care law might stay home this election year, hurting Democratic chances at the ballot box, according to union leaders who say their nonprofit insurance plans are being treated unfairly.

Taxpayers, prepare to lose again

By Glenn Cook, Las Vegas Review-Journal

If you could choose, would you preserve valley police jobs at the expense of other, less-important public-sector positions, or would you pay higher taxes to bail out police budgets so the rest of the government workforce could collect big, fat pay raises?

A union’s low blow to MMA fighters

By Jillian Kay Melchior, New York Post

With his swollen eye and bleeding face, Georges St-Pierre, the longest-reigning Ultimate Fighting Champion in history, looked defeated after five grueling rounds of combat.

Workers Can Opt Out of Union Dues

By James Sherk, The Heritage Foundation

Not every terminated employee wins a $10,000 settlement, but Jeff Richmond did. The West Virginian utility worker refused to donate to his union’s political action committee. So the Laborers International Union had him fired.