The Education of Gina Raimondo

The Wall Street Journal

It isn’t easy being a reform Democrat these days. Witness the decision last week by Rhode Island Treasurer Gina Raimondo, heretofore a hero of pension reform, to buckle under pressure from the teachers union and dump a hedge fund run by a supporter of education choice.

Teachers Union: We’re Disconnected From Our Members

By Mike Antonucci, Hot Air

In the wake of persistent membership losses, the National Education Association began a review of its organizational structure in an effort to improve efficiency and cut costs. Part of the project included a survey of NEA’s board of directors, state affiliate officers, Representative Assembly delegates and rank-and-file members.

Brave teachers sue California union: ‘They are harming my students’

By Robby Soave, The Daily Caller

In April, a group of public school teachers filed a groundbreaking lawsuit against a powerful California teachers union — an organization that they contend has violated their First Amendment rights by forcing them to contribute money toward political causes with which they disagree.

Teachers unions face moment of truth

By Stephanie Simon, Politico

It’s designed to be an impressive show of force: Thousands of unionized teachers plan to rally Monday in cities from New York to San Francisco to “reclaim the promise of public education.”


By RiShawn Biddle, Dropout Nation

Slowly but surely, the annual financial disclosures provided by affiliates of the National Education Association to the U.S. Department of Labor are coming available for public consumption. And in the case of the nation’s largest teachers’ union’s Florida affiliate, the spending on preserving influence is quite sizable.


Private lobbyists collecting public pensions is illegal gift

State and local pension funds face unfunded liabilities ranging from $3 trillion to $5 trillion, according to various reports. This is well-known problem and many states are trying to address it. But did you know that many of these desperately underfunded public pension plans have been providing pensions to private citizens who do not perform any work as public employees?