Candidate question meant to highlight practice

By Kate S. Alexander,

Claiming it aimed to weed out candidates willing to “pay to play,” Montgomery County’s largest employee union asked on its endorsement questionnaire if candidates would pay its political action committee to campaign on their behalf, if endorsed.

Montgomery County’s perverse politics

The Washington Post

ANYONE WITH a passing familiarity with politics understands that interest groups support and contribute to candidates as a means of advancing their agendas. As far as we know, the only place in the United States where that arrangement has been turned on its head is Montgomery County, where one particular lobby — the local teachers union — wields such outsize influence that politicians shower it with money in return for its support.

The fraud of a ‘living wage’

The Washington Times

Hauling trash is a dirty job, and the men and women who haul the refuse, like the rest of us, deserve all they can get their employers to pay them. What none of us deserve is a government edict to tell employers how much to pay.

Time to reconsider idea of ‘unionized’ government employees

By Walker Johanson, The Washington Examiner

Given the recent collective bargaining agreement between Montgomery County and its various public-sector unions — in which county employees are scheduled to receive a 10 to 20 percent raise over the next two years — it’s time to address this issue head-on.