Some union workers don’t know their rights

By Brian Pannebecker, Macomb Daily

While Michigan currently has 585,000 union members among its workforce, some of those workers are paying dues to their union bosses reluctantly. Even though Michigan effectively became a “Right to Work” State in 2013, many union workers were unable to stop paying dues until their existing contracts expired.

Union marketing behind Detroit protests

By Glenn Spencer, The Detroit News

If you’ve ever received a phone call or email enticing you with a “free” vacation if you respond today, and you haven’t responded because you think it’s a scam, you’re familiar with the idea that things that sound too good to be true probably are.

Employee Rights Act reforms are long overdue

The Washington Examiner

Conservatives have watched with no small amount of pleasure as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana – mainstays of American industry even today — have adopted right-to-work laws, which allow workers in unionized shops to choose for themselves whether they want to pay union dues.

MEA Union President In Line for Six-Figure Government Pension

By Tom Gantert, Michigan Capitol Confidential

When the current president of the state’s largest teachers union worked for the Lansing School District more than 20 year ago, his job title was “paraprofessional.” That’s a position that pays between $7.69 and $16.52 an hour, according to a recent union contract.