Put an end to prevailing wage

The Detroit News

The Legislature is on its way to repealing the state’s prevailing wage law. The measure artificially drives up the costs of public construction projects for schools and other government buildings. That’s bad for taxpayers, school districts and job seekers.

Think voluntary, not coercive, unions

By Mark Mix, The Detroit News

Americans regularly join and form clubs, civic associations and church groups, to say nothing of the countless other organizations that rely on little more than the enthusiasm and support of their members.

Some union workers don’t know their rights

By Brian Pannebecker, Macomb Daily

While Michigan currently has 585,000 union members among its workforce, some of those workers are paying dues to their union bosses reluctantly. Even though Michigan effectively became a “Right to Work” State in 2013, many union workers were unable to stop paying dues until their existing contracts expired.