How Unions, Districts Hold Back Michigan’s Best Teachers

By Tom Gantert, Michigan Capitol Confidential

Every year the teachers union local at the Birmingham school district requests nominations for its “Teacher of the Year” award. Yet the district itself did not designate a single one of its 624 teachers as “highly effective” in its 2013-14 staff evaluations, the most recent released by the state.

Teachers union knocks religious freedom

By Ingrid Jacques, The Detroit News

The National Education Association, which boasts 3 million members, says its mission is “advancing the cause of public education.” But in reality, the country’s largest teachers union—with 150,000 members in Michigan—has a strong political agenda that extends far beyond the realm of teachers and students.

National Teachers Union Boasts of Having ‘Conservative’ Members While Undermining Their Values

By Tom Gantert, Michigan Capitol Confidential

The agenda for the National Education Association’s recent annual conference may surprise those who thought the big school employee union’s mission was to represent teachers in the workplace. It was in fact a political agenda dominated by buzzwords of the left: “social justice,” “institutional racism,” “family planning clinics,” and “climate disruption.”

Mackinac Center Reveals Interactive Webpage Detailing Labor Reforms and Political Outcomes

Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Beginning in 2011, the timeline traces the labor reforms enacted in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana and Missouri, and the outcomes of the elections that followed. Lawmakers often fear that support for labor reforms will cost them future elections, but the timeline shows the lawmakers and parties who enacted reforms largely retained public support.

Union President Attacks School Board While They Pay Her Not to Teach

By Tom Gantert, Michigan Capitol Confidential

While Ann Arbor Public Schools teachers union president Linda Carter has claimed the superintendent and school board were trying to “destroy” the school district, that same school board has spent $250,000-plus allowing union officials to work on union activities during school hours instead of teaching.