MEA Lauches Personal Attack Against Dissident Teacher, Releases Confidential Information

By Anne Schieber, Michigan Capitol Confidential

After being compelled to pay thousands of dollars in union dues over 37 years as a teacher, Mary Davenport thought the least it could do was create a harmonious workplace. Davenport says she got the opposite, which has taken a toll personally and professionally. The veteran teacher still has five years before retirement, and says she just wants to survive it.

SEIU Affiliate’s Revenue Cut in Half After ‘Dues Skim’ Ended

By Jack Spencer, Michigan Capitol Confidential

The union that exploited Michigan’s home-based caregivers for the best part of a decade has seen its revenue tumble since the scheme that enabled the exploitation ended. SEIU Healthcare Michigan reported $5,398,383 in dues and fees in 2014. That’s just 48 percent of the $11,307,314 it reported for 2012, the last full year during which the union’s dues skim was in place.

Michigan’s prevailing wage law is a union price fixing protection racket

By Ken Braun,

As suggested (predicted?) in this space back in January, supporters of repealing Michigan’s prevailing wage law have decided to hit the streets to obtain signatures for a proposed citizen-initiated law that would allow state lawmakers to repeal prevailing wage without the support of the governor (who is not supportive of repeal.) If the would-be repealers obtain enough signatures, but fall short of votes in the Michigan Legislature, then the proposal would head to the general election ballot for all voters to decide.