L.A. labor leaders’ hypocrisy on minimum wage hike

Los Angeles Times

No, employers with a unionized workforce should not be allowed to pay less than Los Angeles’ proposed minimum wage. It’s stunning that after leading the fight for a $15 citywide minimum wage and vehemently opposing efforts to exempt restaurant workers, nonprofits and small businesses from the full wage hike, the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor is now lobbying for an exemption for employers with union contracts. That’s right — labor leaders are advocating that an employer should have the right to pay union members less than the minimum wage.

LA City Council: The Best Council Money Stolen by Unions Can Buy

By Stephen Frank, California Capitol Review

Watch the campaign finance reports for LA City Council—or the city council in your town. You will find most if not all council members took money from a union. In cities like LA, the unions provide ”volunteers” to make calls and walk the precincts. They provide workers for HQ’s and if they are upset with you, smear the hell out of you.

$15 Minimum Wage Will Hurt Workers

By Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View

So Los Angeles is raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020, and then indexes the wage to inflation, so that it will never fall below this level in real terms. The politicians who have passed this law are understandably very excited that many low-wage workers — perhaps almost half of the city’s labor force — will be getting raises, some from the current minimum of $9. I’m sure the workers themselves are pretty excited about having more money in their pockets. What’s less clear is what happens next.