SEIU Upset: Los Angeles Wants Workers to Pay 10% for Health Care Costs—Private Industry Pays 22%

By Stephen Frank,

Janitors that work for the city of Los Angeles get paid over $40,000 a year PLUS benefits. The SEIU is upset that the Mayor wants them to pay 10% of the cost of their health care. For the janitor in this story, that is $54 per month. In the private sector she would be paying an average of 22% of the cost per month.

LAX company wins legal case against SEIU union

By Brian Summers, Daily Breeze

A federal judge has ruled that nearly 500 baggage handlers, skycaps and wheelchair pushers at Los Angeles International Airport were within their rights in 2011 to dissolve their relationship with the labor union SEIU United Service Workers West.

DWP Union Boss Taps a Loophole to Hide $40 Million

By Joseph Tsidulko, LA Weekly

An odd legal loophole soon will play a central role in the municipal pissing contest over two mysterious L.A. Department of Water & Power “training institutes” that have secretly spent $40 million in public money. Veteran union boss Brian D’Arcy is hoping that exploiting a bit of ambiguous language will let him hide the books.

Teacher tenure goes on trial in California courtroom

By Lyndsey Layton, The Washington Post

The national debate about teacher tenure is the focus of a trial set to begin Monday in a fifth-floor Los Angeles courtroom, pitting a Silicon Valley mogul with a star-studded legal team against some of the most powerful labor unions in the country.

LAPD officers serve subpoenas to DWP union chief Brian D’Arcy

Los Angeles police officers successfully served subpoenas today to Brian D’Arcy, the head of the union representing city utility workers, demanding that he turn over financial documents for a pair of joint Department of Water and Power trusts, the controller’s office said.