Right-to-work law about worker freedom

By State Senator Devin LeMahieu, htrnews.com

Last week the State Senate passed right-to-work legislation. Over the past few weeks I have heard from individuals across the district with their support or opposition to the proposal. After careful consideration, I decided to support right-to-work in Wisconsin.

Businesses drown in alphabet soup

By Alfredo Ortiz, The Las Vegas Review-Journal

The decreasing unemployment rate and climbing gross domestic product have some overly optimistic politicians and pundits crowing that the Great Recession is behind us. However, their declaration of victory rings hollow for many in the middle class who have yet to see or feel tangible benefits of the supposed economic recovery.

Obama and Employers

By James Freeman, The Wall Street Journal

This week the President appeared on the website Buzzfeed and attacked office-supply chain Staples Inc. for spending less on health care than Mr. Obama would prefer. If only he had spent that time encouraging companies like Staples to create more of the jobs that Americans need.

Right to Work is right for Wisconsin

By Scott Manley, hngnews.com

As a country built on the principles of liberty and individual freedom, it’s common sense that workers should have the right to choose whether to join a labor union and pay dues. But that’s not always the case in Wisconsin.

Frequently Asked Questions About Right-to-Work Laws

By Erin Shannon, Washington Policy Center

The issue of right-to-work (also called “workplace choice” or “workplace freedom”), the right of a person to hold a job without having to pay dues to a union, is steadily taking center stage across the country as states strive to improve their ability to create jobs, promote economic development and attract new businesses.