Right-to-Work About Freedom, Choice for All Workers

By James Wigderson, MacIver Institute

One of the more prominent complaints at the time Act 10 was passed was about the exclusion of local police and firefighter unions from its effects. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett made it a regular criticism of Governor Scott Walker during the recall campaign, and his criticisms were echoed elsewhere.

Minimum wage and purple unicorns

By Michael Hicks, The Star Press

There is a lovely little spat about minimum wage legislation going on in my local paper. It pits economic, music, criminology, telecommunications and psychology professors against one another in an entertaining debate.

Public Unions vs. the Public

By Amity Shlaes, The Wall Street Journal

‘Which side are you on?” That was the question posed nearly a century ago in Florence Reece’s song about the bitter war between miners and coal bosses in Harlan County, Ky. Many Americans, including Franklin Roosevelt, pondered hard—and then sided with the unions.

Public-Sector Union Fixes for the States

By Trey Kovacs, RealClearPolicy.com

As states begin their new legislative sessions, lawmakers have many opportunities ensure that government works toward the benefit of the public, not the benefit of special interests like government-employee unions.

State-Funded Center Aiding WSLC, Breaking State Law

By Maxford Nelson, Freedom Foundation

Early last year, the Freedom Foundation documented how the Labor Education and Research Center (LERC) had partnered with the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO (WSLC), to host a series of workshops around the state to educate union members in how to campaign against adoption of a right-to-work (RTW) law in Washington.