Gov. Corbett unleashes on teachers union

By Regina Medina,

GOV. CORBETT let national and local teachers-union leaders have it, accusing them in a letter of using last week’s death of a student at South Philadelphia’s Jackson Elementary as an opportunity “to grandstand and make a political statement,” the letter says.

Union workers pack Pennsylvania Capitol for protest

By Andrew Staub, PA Independent

All across the state, union workers piled onto buses — some well before the sun rose Tuesday morning — to make the trek to the state Capitol, where they packed the rotunda stairs, filled the balconies and still left busloads of their allies left outside when there was no more space to stand.

$45 million not enough for Philadelphia teachers’ union

By Maura Pennington,

Not only did 4 out of 5 of its school district’s students fail to achieve proficiency in mathematics, according to the most recent biannual assessment by the U.S. Department of Education, but the president of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, Jerry Jordan, this week displayed difficulty with simple division.

Education Failure in Philadelphia

The Wall Street Journal

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has extended a lifeline to Philadelphia’s hemorrhaging schools attached to a requirement for modest education and fiscal reforms. No thanks, says the teachers union. Herewith a parable of education decline.