California Department of Water and Power Creates Multi-Million $$ Slush fund for IBEW Union

By Stephen Franks, California Political Review

Corruption has many faces. One thing is sure, government by definition is corrupt. Guv Brown is forced to stop his illegal theft of water from senior water rights holders. The LA DWP for years has been paying off a union—the latest is a $40 million slush fund that is unaudited. Obama paid off his energy industry solar panel friends and donors with billions of your tax dollars.


By William Bibelow,

The latest battle in the intra-party struggle between moderate and more leftist California Democrats comes from the East Bay, where a state Senate seat pits Orinda Democrat Steve Glazer, who has championed banning transit strikes and higher standards for teacher tenure, against union-backed Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla, D-Concord.

The Pension Sink Is Gulping Billions in Tax Raises

By Steve Malanga, The Wall Street Journal

California Gov. Jerry Brown sold a $6 billion tax increase to voters in 2012 by promising that nearly half of the money would go to bolster public schools. Critics argued that much of the new revenue would wind up in California’s severely underfunded teacher pension system. They were right.