Time to Enforce Texas Constitution’s Bar on Taxpayer Subsidies to Private Parties

Use of taxpayer funds should be reserved for purely public purposes, not the private benefit of an individual, corporation, or association. Yet, Texas public employee unions, which are officially private organizations, receive a direct subsidy from local governments in the form of release time, a practice that allows public employees to conduct union business during working hours without loss of pay.

California Department of Water and Power Creates Multi-Million $$ Slush fund for IBEW Union

By Stephen Franks, California Political Review

Corruption has many faces. One thing is sure, government by definition is corrupt. Guv Brown is forced to stop his illegal theft of water from senior water rights holders. The LA DWP for years has been paying off a union—the latest is a $40 million slush fund that is unaudited. Obama paid off his energy industry solar panel friends and donors with billions of your tax dollars.

Washington Teachers’ Union Boss Compensation Not Unusual

A recent article in the Yakima Herald-Republic describes a union subsidy, which pays 75 percent of the teachers’ union president’s salary, as “unusual.” Unfortunately, that is far from the case, and similar compensation packages are common across the country at every level of government.


Missouri Torch

Missouri state agencies often give “release time” to unions as part of their collective bargaining agreement. Release time allows for public employees to be paid by Missouri taxpayers while working for their unions, doing things like lobbying state legislators in opposition to laws like Right to Work and Paycheck Protection.

Taxpayers Foot Bill for Union Interests

By Paige Lafortune, americanlegislator.org

Prior to a court case ruling otherwise, taxpayers in the city of Phoenix paid $950,000 a year in salaries and benefits to send six city police officers to work as full-time union managers, 35 officers to work as part time union representatives and one to work as a union lobbyist. Including Phoenix, the state of Arizona was giving approximately $3.7 million in taxpayer dollars to public employees doing union work on “release time.”