Overtime Rules Send Bosses Scrambling

By Rachel Feintzeig, Rachel Emma Silverman and Lauren Weber, The Wall Street Journal

Companies are racing to track and manage the hours their employees really work, following a White House proposal that would put millions more U.S. workers in line for overtime pay.

Overtime Rules Seen Boosting Low-Wage Hiring

By Eric Morath, The Wall Street Journal

The Obama administration’s proposal to expand eligibility for overtime pay is designed to boost what workers earn. But some economists and businesses say it will more likely add to the number of low-paid workers.

Employee Or Independent Contractor? US Department Of Labor Provides New Guidance

The National Law Review

The debate over classification of workers as employees versus independent contractors has yet another chapter. Last month, it was the California Labor Commissioner who sent ripples across the rideshare industry by telling Uber Technologies, Inc. that its drivers are employees, not independent contractors. This month, the United States Department of Labor decided it was time to throw its hat in the ring and weigh in on the matter by way of a fifteen page Administrator’s Interpretation issued by Dr. David Weil.

Bureaucrats working overtime

By Jamie T. Richardson, The Hill

Government officials calling for new regulations on businesses have been working overtime of late. Last week the Department of Labor introduced a new rule that more than doubled the salary threshold under which employees are required to be given overtime pay for hours worked beyond 40 per week. Those who earn less than $50,400 a year, the rule proposes, are entitled to pay at time-and-a-half for their overtime hours.