‘Ordinary Contract Principles’

The Wall Street Journal

Sometimes the Supreme Court’s most important contribution resembles the job of a baseball catcher who stops wild pitches from heading to the stands. An example came Monday when the High Court unanimously blocked an attempt to rewrite a contract to make retiree health benefits a lifetime obligation.

Federal Mediators to Assist in West Coast Port Labor Negotiations

By Erica Phillips, The Wall Street Journal
Federal mediators have been brought in to help resolve monthslong labor negotiations at West Coast ports, a move that retailers, manufacturers and government officials hailed as signaling a possible end to costly uncertainty and delays seen at the nation’s main conduits for trade with Asia.

Is the UAW serving workers?

By Terry Bowman, The Detroit News

In September, the UAW four-year contract once again comes up for renewal. While many of the normal contract issues will be on the table, the negotiations this year will be the most unusual — and critically important — that the union has ever had to face.