UAW, Detroit Prep for Talks

By John Stoll, The Wall Street Journal

Workers at U.S. assembly plants for General Motors Co. and Ford Motor Co. are likely to get 2014 bonuses exceeding $6,000 each, capping a four-year labor contract under which profit-sharing checks have gone to factory employees in record amounts. But the United Auto Workers union, gearing up for negotiations with Detroit’s Big Three next summer, is prepared to argue that isn’t good enough.

NLRB holds that employer must continue to pay raises after CBA expires

It is well-established that an employer has an obligation to maintain the status quo after the expiration of a collective bargaining agreement. A recent case before an NLRB administrative law judge confirmed that an employer must continue wage increases after a contract has expired, unless language in the contract clearly provides otherwise.

Put Stop to Slowdown

The Columbian

A labor dispute that has infected ports up and down the West Coast is a threat to the national economy and calls for intervention on the part of President Barack Obama.