Union policies hard to defend under Prop 104 negotiation sunshine

By Greg Bratton, The Complete Colorado

People and groups with nothing to hide have little to fear with more sunlight on their actions and beliefs. Colorado teachers unions did not support the successful transparency initiative on last year’s ballot. A look at several collective bargaining contracts throughout the state makes this absence of enthusiasm quite understandable.

Business community needs to step up on minimum wage

By Richard Berman, Nation’s Restaurant News

One of the clearest conclusions to emerge from November’s electoral rout is that the obsessive focus on single-issue campaigns like minimum wage backfired. If a larger part of the business community had bothered to engage on this issue, the backfire could have been even louder.

Open the school board meetings

By Erika Stutzman, dailycamera.com

Proposition 104 would change the Colorado statutes to make school board meetings, and meetings between district representatives and teachers’ unions, open to the public if collective bargaining is to be discussed.


By Dr. Susan Berry, breitbart.com

Evidence is mounting that protesting students in Jefferson County, Colorado – who claim to be concerned about “censorship” in a school board committee’s plan to review the new Advanced Placement U.S. History framework – were urged on by teachers and teachers’ unions at the national, state, and local levels because they were enraged that a conservative-led school board moved the district toward a merit-pay system.