Court wage ruling = fewer public projects for the state

The New Mexico Supreme Court sided with unions in its interpretation of state law and ordered the state to base its prevailing wage and benefit rates for public works projects on collective bargaining agreements as called for in a 2009 change in state law. What that is likely to mean in reality are fewer or smaller public projects like schools and highways because the state will have to pay higher wages going forward.

Traditional Unions Impede New Media’s Flexibility

By Vincent Vernuccio, The New York Times

The staff at Gawker says their next step after unionizing is determining “what we want to bargain for” in a contract. That would mean deciding whether they want to form a traditional union that could be an impediment to the creativity needed in the new media workplace, or a professional guild that could support it.

NLRB’s End Run Around Right to Work Laws

Yesterday, the House Education and Workforce Committee held a hearing entitled, “Compulsory Unionism Through Grievance Fees: The NLRB’s Assault on Right to Work,” which examined the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) effort to undermine state right-to-work laws.

Court sides with grower, against union

Orange County Register

The United Farm Workers union is still smarting over the backhand it received a fortnight ago from a three-judge panel of the state 5th District Court of Appeal in Fresno, which ruled a lower court erred when it allowed a state-appointed mediator to impose a collective bargaining agreement on a grower at odds with the UFW.