Study: Government Workers ‘Absent’ 50% More Than Private-Sector Workers

A government worker is 38 percent more likely to be absent from work for personal reasons or illnesses than a private-sector worker, and government workers miss 50 percent more of their usual work hours as a result of such absences than do private sector workers, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Labor’s minimum-wage mind games

By Michael Saltsman,

President Obama’s sudden support of the Senate’s $10.10 minimum-wage bill is partisan politicking of the worst kind. It’s a desperate attempt to distract the public from the Affordable Care Act’s dismal polling numbers — and it ignores the simple fact that such a wage hike would be similarly disastrous to the small businesses that employ much of the minimum-wage workforce.

Outdated labor policies hurt economic growth

By Steven Cohen and William B. Eimicke, The Hill

The delayed October jobs report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics was expected to show once again that U.S. unemployment is only slightly improving, if at all.