The Employee Rights Act would reduce union exploitation of workers

By Richard Berman, The Washington Times

While the resolution of Election Day was clear, the New Year’s resolutions of elected legislators are anything but. That’s not to say Americans haven’t been united in what they’re after — poll after poll shows an electorate desperate for real economic improvement. It’s just that members of Congress are divided on how to get there.

The NLRB was a busy beaver last week

By Jon Hyman,

Late last week, the NLRB made huge news. In Purple Communications, the NLRB ruled that employees have a right to use their employers’ email systems during non-working time to communicate about union issues.

Quickie Gifts to Big Labor

The Wall Street Journal

The National Labor Relations Board has issued some of the Obama Administration’s worst cases of executive overreach and shows no sign of relenting. This week the NLRB jammed through two more union favors, handing Big Labor the tools to make it easier to organize new work sites, and exerting jurisdiction over almost every employer-run email system.