Don Loos

Don Loos is Senior Advisor to the President of The National Right To Work. 

Don served in the George W. Bush Administration for over seven years at the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). At the Labor Department, Don received two Secretary of Labor’s Exceptional Achievement Awards from Sec. Elaine Chao for his significant roles in labor union financial transparency revisions (Form LM-2) and union officer conflict of interest financial disclosure revisions (Form LM-30).

After resigning from DOL on January 20, 2009, Don joined others committed to individual worker freedoms and protections at The National Right To Work (NRTW) located in Springfield, Virginia. NRTW is a single-purpose citizens’ organization dedicated to the principle that all Americans must have the right to join a union if they choose, but no one should ever be forced to affiliate with a union in order to get or keep a job. At NRTW, Don has the privilege of being involved in NRTW’s battle against forced unionism.

National Right To Work websites:
YouTube: Right2WorkCommittee

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