About Labor Union Report

LaborUnionReport.com was launched in April 2009 to provide news, views, and information about today's labor unions. LaborUnionReport's blog features commentary about today's union effort to "transform America," as well as breaking union-related news from around the country. Peter A. List, LaborUnionReport.com's Editor & Chief Blogger, has been involved in labor relations for more than 25 years and spent eight years in the union movement as a young activist. Since leaving the union movement, List has helped companies and their employees with union issues in industries as diverse as airline, cable television, commercial printing, construction, emergency services, food and beverage processing, health care, hospitality, manufacturing, newspaper publishing, telecommunications, transportation, warehousing, and distribution, In addition to LaborUnionReport.com, List is also Founder & CEO of Kulture, LLC, a labor relations consultancy, and 1-888-NO-UNION.com, a 200+ page website of free information for workers and their employers who wish to remain or become union-free. LaborUnionReport can also be found on RedState.com, BigGovernment.com and on Twitter.