Agreement ends labor protest over U.S. Open at Merion

By Jessica Parks,

The U.S. Golf Association has made deals with two local labor unions, ending protests over preparations for the U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club.

Union representatives said Friday that the deal would bring full-time work for about 40 Philadelphia-area carpenters and a handful of stagehands leading up to the tournament from June 10 to 16.

The carpenters will set up 160,000 square feet of flooring for the spectator tents and walkways, as well as decorative elements and other infrastructure, union spokesman Ed Coryell Jr. said. Stagehands will set up speaker systems, projection screens, and other entertainment elements.

The USGA’s current contractor, Classic Tents, will finish putting up the giant white tents, which Coryell said “was a tough pill to swallow.”

One thought on “Agreement ends labor protest over U.S. Open at Merion

  1. Where was the carpenters union when the USGA first announce the US open would be held at Merion. This was six years ag,o so after the contracts had been signed and budges formulated you rip saws came in at the last minute to get your vig. Well, what you hve done is to insure the USGA will never return to Merion for the open. They will leave town after this event and the region will miss out on millions.
    There is always the boyscout jaboree you can protest for not allowing union carpenters to erect hteir tents

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