Supreme Court Won’t Weigh In Yet on Obama NLRB Appointments

By John Gramlich, Roll Call

The Supreme Court on Wednesday declined to intervene, at least for now, in the simmering legal dispute over President Barack Obama’s contested appointments to the National Labor Relations Board.

For the second time in three days, the high court rejected a request from a nursing home company that had asked the justices on Monday to block an NLRB order against it. The company, HealthBridge Management, argues that the agency’s order should be blocked because a federal appeals court ruled Jan. 25 in a separate case that Obama unconstitutionally appointed three members to the NLRB last year, stripping the board of the quorum it needs to conduct business.

The Jan. 25 ruling, issued by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, has sparked much speculation that the Supreme Court will get involved in the dispute over the appointments. In a two-sentence order on Wednesday, however, the justices indicated that the HealthBridge appeal would not be the one that draws them in.

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