Anchorage teachers union, school district start bargaining far apart

By Rosemary Shinohara, Anchorage Daily News

The Anchorage teachers union and the school district made public each of their contract proposals Thursday, and they appear far apart.

The two sides began bargaining for a new teacher contract on Wednesday. The existing three-year contract will expire June 30. Negotiations will be private until near the end of the process, though each side’s initial proposal can be seen on the union and district web sites.

The district’s first proposal offers limited raises during the first year of a three-year-contract, and calls for a freeze on salaries after that.

The union, the Anchorage Education Association, proposes a one-year contract. And during that year, the union wants the district to raise base pay and credit teachers with two years of experience — and raise their pay commensurately.

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