Reckless appointment

The Washington Times

President Obama is not backing down from his unlawful installation of officials at the National Labor Relations Board. Despite being told by a federal appellate court that it was unconstitutional to make a recess appointment when the Senate was still in session, the administration is standing by purported appointee Richard Griffin. Now Mr. Griffin finds himself in another legal jam.

A racketeering lawsuit filed in October alleges that while Mr. Griffin served as general counsel for the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) he helped cover up an embezzlement scheme at Local 501 in Los Angeles. The complaint filed by 10 union members accused the local’s apprenticeship training director of spending their dues on personal expenses, including a mistress. When managers opened an investigation into the claimed misdeeds, the suit alleges, Mr. Griffin demanded the investigators’ resignations if they wouldn’t drop the case. Mr. Griffin’s lawyer rejected the suit’s assertions as “frivolous.”

Mr. Griffin is one of two of the administration’s appointees to be selected directly from a labor union. Bypassing the Senate confirmation process allowed him to take office without a thorough vetting. The folly of doing so is becoming clear.

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