Unions busy subverting right to work

By Nolan Finley, The Detroit News

If you’re a professor at Wayne State or Western Michigan, or a school teacher in Taylor or Berkley and are eager to exercise your right to end your forced union membership, fuggedaboutit.

The mob that runs the public employee unions in Michigan has already figured out a way to keep you as an indentured servant to the unions and their financial beneficiaries in the Democratic Party.

Unions at those schools are rushing to renegotiate labor contracts before the March 27 effective date of the newly passed right-to-work law.

Because the law includes a grandfather clause, contracts in place before that date aren’t affected by right to work until they expire.

In Wayne State’s case, that would be 10 years from now, if the professors union’s proposal to extend the current contract is approved by a board of trustees made up nearly entirely by Democrats whose election campaigns were financed by labor unions.


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