At end of tenure as secretary of labor, Hilda Solis reflects on leadership

By Lillian Cunningham, The Washington Post

After four years in President Obama’s Cabinet, Hilda Solis resigned last week as secretary of labor. Near the end of her tenure, she sat down to tape a video for On Leadership, in which I asked her to share a personal experience that shaped her character and her approach to leadership.

Her story, as you can watch, was of a high-school guidance counselor who told her she “wasn’t college material” and of the deeper drive that incident inspired in her to prove such doubts wrong.

Solis, the daughter of Mexican and Nicaraguan parents, would go on to college—as well as to serve as a U.S. representative from California for eight years before leading the Department of Labor. Now, following her resignation, she is contemplating running for a Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors seat that would bring her back into local politics, she confirmed to the Los Angeles Times.

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