Pennsylvanians’ Right to Work

By Stephen Moore, The Wall Street Journal

On Michigan’s heels, Pennsylvania may become the 25th state in the nation to adopt a right to work law. This week a group of Republican lawmakers, led by state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, introduced legislation that would end compulsory unionism.

Republicans are touting the growth of jobs in right to work states, which are mostly located in the South and West. A study by the American Legislative Exchange Council finds that new factories and facilities are much more likely to open in states without forced unionism.

One possible obstacle is Republican Gov. Tom Corbett. Mr. Corbett is said to be lukewarm to the idea, which he believes is too politically divisive. But he has hinted that if the bill were to come to his desk, he would sign it. That has emboldened Republicans to move ahead. They argue, as the GOP did in Michigan, that their political majorities should be used to do big and consequential things to improve the state. Unless Mr. Corbett changes his mind, the law won’t go far. Supporters note that Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder didn’t back right to work until he became persuaded of its value in creating jobs.

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