Teachers union President Michael Mulgrew is about to cost the city millions in state aid

New York Daily News

With hours to go before Gov. Cuomo’s deadline for school districts and their unions to negotiate and have approved rigorous teacher evaluation systems, talks between the city and the United Federation of Teachers are dead in the water.

Place the blame squarely at the feet of union President Michael Mulgrew.

Never mind that hundreds of millions of dollars in state aid are riding on a deal — the loss of which will boost class sizes, slash after-school programs and more. Never mind the benefit to teachers from a system that will gauge their performance and bolster their skills. Never mind the boon to kids in having better instruction.

After months of stalling and dissembling, Mulgrew on Tuesday pulled his negotiators out of talks — literally in midsentence — and marched to the Public Employment Relations Board to demand mediation. This, Chancellor Dennis Walcott has refused on grounds that — since they’d been making progress despite Mulgrew’s histrionics — there was no need for a third party.


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