Most of the Arrested Anti-Right-to-Work Protesters Have SEIU ‘Dues Skim’ Connections

By Jack Spencer, Michigan Capitol Confidential 

Seven of the eight people facing felony charges for their alleged actions on Dec.6 at the State Capitol are affiliated with the SEIU Healthcare Michigan union.

That’s the union that has taken more than $33 million from home-based caregivers in Michigan.

One of the people arrested, Joshua Kersting, is the son of SEIU Healthcare Michigan President Marge Faville.

Kersting’s current status at SEIU Healthcare Michigan is unclear. He previously was employed by the union over which Faville presides, but apparently was transferred to a different Service Employees International Union (SEIU) affiliate a while back after his mother was accused of nepotism. Meanwhile, Faville’s daughter, Norma Kersting, still is on staff at the union, with a $62,131 yearly salary.

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