Government Is Different From Unions

By Jarrett Skorup, The Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Brent Graves, a biology professor at Northern Michigan University, sarcastically promotes in MLive a “right-to-live” law to balance right-to-work laws in Michigan. But the attempt to make worker freedom proponents look silly comes up short.

Graves proposes that his “right-to-live” law would allow Michigan residents to choose whether to opt out of paying taxes while still receiving benefits from state government. Graves’s main point is that there are similarities between union representation and an elected government:

“Unions exist only where a majority of those represented vote for them; they are democratically elected, just like governors and legislators,” he writes. “Every person in a union may not support all that the union does, and it is certainly true that not everyone agrees with the policies of our state government.”

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