NLRB: Ford, UAW Colluded to Force Teamsters Out of Jobs to Underpay New Workers

Teamsters who were forced out of their jobs at a Ford plant in Louisville, KY will be returning to work after the NLRB ruled that collusion between Ford Motor Co. and the United Auto Workers (UAW) enabled wage-cutting and was flagrant and illegal.

The NLRB found the collusion to be so improper that it is seeking an injunction to get the Teamsters back on the job more quickly.  Under the illegal agreement between Ford, UAW and Voith Industrial Services, Teamsters making $20 an hour with a union pension were being forced out only to be replaced with new workers making between $11 and $14 an hour. Via LaborNotes:

The December 21 decision by a National Labor Relations Board administrative law judge details how Voith Industrial Services, with Ford Motor Co. pulling the strings, underbid a carhaul company that had moved new cars out of Ford’s Louisville, Kentucky, assembly plant since 1952. To make the low bid, Voith prearranged a substandard contract with UAW Local 862, which represents the workers who build Ford Escapes at the plant.

The judge ordered Voith to put 85 named Teamsters to work, pay them nearly a year’s back-pay, reinstate the superior terms of the Teamster contract, and void the deal the company signed with the UAW. The judge also ordered that the decision be read aloud at meetings of all Voith workers.

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