W.Va. right-to-work profile may rise after Mich. law

By Lawrence Messina, journal-news.net

Michigan’s recent move to ban unions from collecting mandatory dues from workers may raise the profile of that and similar issues at the West Virginia Legislature’s next session.

Champions of the policy known as right-to-work include at least some House Republicans. GOP delegates plan an aggressive agenda after nearly erasing the Democrats’ majority in last month’s election. Republican lawmakers have also targeted the prevailing wage law, which sets minimum pay levels for certain public works projects.

“I believe there is a great deal of support for both of those issues within the caucus, but we haven’t discussed whether that would be the part of the agenda,” House Minority Leader Tim Armstead said Friday. “There’s been a great deal of concern about the effect prevailing wage has had on projects … There are individual members who feel very strongly about (right-to-work) and believe it is a positive component for economic growth.”


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