Republican Governors Wary Of Tangling With Unions

By Reid Wilson, National Journal

If Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signs right-to-work legislation into law today, he will become the latest Republican to pin a giant target on his own back. But after two years of heated legislative battles, it’s unlikely a wave of right-to-work legislation will sweep the country. Simply put, labor has made its point.

As controversy over the legislation — which would end requirements that certain employees must pay union dues — has reached a zenith in Michigan, other Republican governors seeking re-election in 2014 have signaled a distinct unwillingness to follow Snyder’s lead.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is maintaining his position that right-to-work legislation would be too divisive to pursue. Ohio Gov. John Kasich told reporters on Monday that right-to-work legislation wasn’t crucial to his agenda, and that he hasn’t been following the developments in Michigan. And Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett said Monday that his state legislature doesn’t have the will to pass a right-to-work law.

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