Big Labor’s Stocking Stuffers

By Fred Wszolek,

The holiday season is one of spreading good will, happiness, and cheer as young and old alike look forward to spending time and exchanging gifts with family and friends. But this particular Christmas season will be a joyful one for Big Labor and a dismal one for many workers and small businesses. In no small part due to hundreds of millions of dollars spent by Big Labor, President Obama won reelection. And as a result, union bosses will be looking in their stockings and under their trees for the payback they expect in return. Instead of seeking goodwill, labor bosses are pursuing policies that hurt employees, employers and the nation’s economy.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB or Board) is the vehicle of choice for union bosses seeking a return on the investment they made in the President’s election and re-election. During President Obama’s first term, Big Labor demanded the recess appointment of labor radical Craig Becker after he had been successfully opposed by Republicans and Democrats alike in the U.S. Senate for views considered outside the mainstream. His appointment resulted in labor law changes solely to make union organizing easier without regard for their impact on the workplace and legitimate management concerns. For example, Becker was the architect of the Board’s controversial decision known as Specialty Healthcare, which threatens to balkanize American businesses with micro-unions, a multiplicity of individual bargaining units. These micro-unions will be differentiated solely by the specific task the workers perform or the location within the business where they perform it. Micro-unions could be as small as two or three employees and threaten to undermine collective bargaining, increase workplace discord and dramatically augment an employer’s labor relations costs.

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