The Manipulative Political Ads Play On

By Jon Coupal, Fox and Hounds

California government employee unions spent nearly $100 million in the lead up to the November election to convince voters to approve new taxes and reject a measure that would have barred unions and corporations form using legal bribery — campaign contributions — to influence state lawmakers.

Now, two of these unions — one representing firefighters and one representing teachers — are spending even more money on expensive radio ads to “thank” voters for rejecting Proposition 32, campaign finance reform. Proposition 32 terrified government employee union leaders, who currently tap workers’ paychecks for union dues that can be used, without limit, for political purposes.

One of the ads claims that the defeat of Proposition 32 is a victory for California’s middle class. The union bosses are now trying to wrap themselves in the mantle of the “middle class.” The San Diego Labor Council has gone so far as to sponsor a front group, the Middle Class Taxpayers Association, but it is a misnomer. The group’s concern is healthy government revenue and is dedicated to broadening the tax base and making sure that others pay their “fair share.”

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