Union solidarity rubs up against slow economy in LA port strike

By Brandon Lowrey, Yahoo News

 Union solidarity can have different faces. On a rainy Sunday morning it’s the drawn and weary face of longshoreman Jack Bagliazo, caught between his nearly 40 years in the union and the steady work at the Port of Los Angeles he needs as Christmas approaches.

“I understand, and I’ll support their cause,” Bagliazo, 57, said between sips of beer at Godmother’s Saloon. The dimly lit bar with pool tables and nautical-themed decor in San Pedro, California, is two blocks from the port where a strike by clerks could soon enter its second week.

“I don’t think (either side) went about it the right way,” he added.

Bagliazo is a linesman and member of the 10,000-member International Longshore and Warehouse Worker’s Union’s local 63, which said on November 29 that it would “stand in complete solidarity” and refuse to cross the much smaller clerk union’s picket line.


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