Rahm Emanuel versus the SEIU

The Washington Times

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has come under withering criticism by public employee unions over various cuts in the city budget, especially for layoffs and the elimination of positions. The unions are making their unhappiness known publicly.

Liberals, progressives, or whatever they call themselves these days are heaping more criticism on Emanuel’s fiscal methodology. They are referring to Emanuel as Rahmney because he outsourced a call service center to Japan and is trying to privatize other city services to contain costs.

Rahm Emanuel inherited a situation that started with the creation of the Democratic Machine in Chicago in the 1930s. Anton Cermak realized that consolidating political power was not enough. You actually had to perform. He devised a system of providing municipal services through the Machine. This evolved into the retail service oriented city Chicago eventually became. The retail service model was greatly expanded during the Richard J. Daley administration.


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