Hostess shutdown costs local workers their jobs

By Barbara Soderlin, The Omaha World-Herald

About 90 Hostess employees, most of them delivery route drivers, are losing their jobs in eastern Nebraska, western Iowa and Sioux Falls, S.D., some of the 18,000 out of work nationwide in the wake of the Hostess Brands bankruptcy and shutdown.

The workers, including about 43 in Omaha, are “very disheartened” about losing their jobs delivering baked goods like Twinkies and Wonder Bread to grocery and convenience stores, restaurants and schools, said Kim Quick, president of Teamsters Local Union 554 in Omaha.

The union is working with state departments of labor to help the workers access new job opportunities. Cathy Lang, Nebraska commissioner of labor, said meetings are taking place this week to give the workers information about re-employment and retraining opportunities and unemployment benefits.

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