Examiner Editorial: A re-elected Obama rewards his Big Labor friends

The Washington Examiner

Let no one say that President Obama doesn’t remember his friends. Shortly after Big Labor took credit for the get-out-the-vote efforts in key swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Obama began doing his Christmas shopping for the unions.

Earlier this month, the Associated Press reported that the Labor Department will introduce a new rule requiring employers to divulge all information on labor consultants they hire. The AP also reported that the National Labor Relations Board — which is nominally independent but whose majority the president appointed — will issue a new rule requiring employers to turn over all employee contact information during union organizing drives.

Individually, these actions may seem fairly innocuous, but they represent significant stocking stuffers for union bosses. With most workers turning away from unions, Obama is stepping up his long-standing effort to keep them alive as a political force by making it easier for unions to recruit members. It is clear that the “card check” law will never get through Congress, so this is their consolation prize.


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