Death of Twinkies: A Union Contract Hit

By Dennis Kneale,

In the death of Hostess Brands, progenitor of Twinkies, Devil Dogs and Ding Dongs and other artery-clogging, icing-adorned icons of Americana, plenty of factors get the blame.

Management didn’t cut deep enough, soon enough. Plants didn’t update. Marketing failed to innovate. The product line stayed unstintingly junky, defiantly flouting America’s reluctant reset to low-fat fare.

But the real reason Hostess had to die at this particular time? This was a union contract hit.

And that offers a disturbing glimpse into the delusional, drunk-with-power mindset of unions — which represent barely 7% of the private work force in the U.S. — as they embark on a second term of way-too-cozy relations with their supplicant in the White House.

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