Opinion: Regulations rival tax cliff among small business owners’ biggest concerns

By Keith A. Ashmus, The Washington Post

Following President Obama’s reelection and the continuation of the current majorities in the House and Senate, we can expect continued difficulty moving initiatives forward legislatively in Washington.

That means more regulatory activity, unrestrained by the any concerns about the president’s reelection. The Department of Labor, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the National Labor Relations Board are likely to go after employers, large and small, with regulations that make it more difficult to manage workforces and obtain outside help understanding the legal requirements concerning unions.

The interests of unions (card check, ambush elections, fragmented units) and employee lawyers will be served in opposition to the interests of employers.  That is likely to result in pressures that will keep new hiring to a minimum.

The Affordable Care Act will remain in place, so many employers will be forced to adapt to its mandates, perhaps by moving employment levels below 50 full-time equivalents. Others, who can’t get to or stay at that level, may reduce the work time of their employees.


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