Fargo Teamsters hall closed amid allegations of wrongdoing

By Marino Eccher, GrandFolksHerald.com

The Teamsters hall here has been closed amid an investigation of financial wrongdoing in the union’s local branch.

According to a letter posted on the front door of the hall from national Teamsters president James Hoffa, the allegations range from improper use of union funds to corrupt dealings with vendors to unauthorized employment of family friends.

It’s not immediately clear from the letter which of those allegations are tied to the Fargo hall, which is part of the Local 120 union based in Blaine, Minn.

The letter does make specific mention of “apparent irregularities” in the bar and gambling operation in the Fargo club, including improper stipend payments to the local bar and gaming board, and the employment of a family friend as a consultant without proper disclosure or approval.


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