Labor’s Last Stand Before Oblivion

Red State

Seven years ago, just a few months before the 2005 break up of the AFL-CIO at the hands of SEIU’s Andy Stern, Teamsters boss James P. Hoffa and others, I wrote an essay entitled The Labor Movement is Brain Dead (and it’s time to pull the plug).

Although it was used out of context by the SEIU’s Anna Burger (one of the chief architects of the AFL-CIO break up) in the months prior to the  unions’ split, and the political world has since changed (as have some of the faces at the top of the unions’ pyramid scheme), the prognosis for union bosses—especially in the private sector—is not any brighter, regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s presidential election.

In fact, it can easily be argued that, given all of Barack Obama’s so-called ‘accomplish-ments’ (i.e., ObamaCare, the auto bailout, the prolonged Great Recession, and trillions more in national debt), union bosses and their members are actually in worse shape than they were four years ago.

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