Union vendetta hurts students

Las Vegas Review-Journal

A sure sign that a messy divorce is slipping toward mutually assured destruction: One party, motivated by irrational vindictiveness, blows up the other’s ability to earn money that would benefit both.

It’s an appropriate analogy for the rift between the Clark County Education Association and the Clark County School District. Right now, the teachers union and the country’s fifth-largest school system are making the split of actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger look cordial. On Monday, the union refused to support the district’s application for a $40 million federal Race to the Top grant, which would have created 46 jobs and new programs at campuses with poor English proficiency, as well as expanded teacher training. Without the CCEA’s backing, the application is dead.

That teachers unions were given veto power over these grant applications in the first place is an indictment of the Obama administration. Education Secretary Arne Duncan says he supports education reform, yet he grants the organizations most opposed to reform and accountability the ability to block them? Talk about having it both ways. The Los Angeles teachers union killed a Race to the Top grant, too.


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