Kline: Obama Administration Continues to Play Game of Regulatory Hide-and-Seek

Education & the Workforce Committee

U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce Chairman John Kline (R-MN) issued the following statement after the Obama administration once again failed to publish a list of economically significant regulations under development as required by federal law:

The Obama administration continues to play a game of regulatory hide-and-seek with the American people. Current law was designed to protect the public’s right to know about rules and regulations being crafted behind the closed doors of the federal bureaucracy. However, on a range of issues including health care, retirement security, and workplace safety the president seems determined to keep his plans for new regulations secret.

To make matters worse, the Obama administration is also stonewalling congressional oversight. For several months, the committee has tried to obtain information on the administration’s failure to disclose its spring regulatory agenda. Instead of providing the facts, the administration has obstructed the committee’s search for answers. What is the president trying to hide? The American people deserve better than an imperial presidency that flouts the law and hides its regulatory ambitions.


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