Per union contract: Postal workers show up for work, do nothing, still get paid

By John Ruberry, Marathon Pundit

Two days ago I listened to multiple sob stories from postal union members about layoffs and the threat of the privatization of the US Postal Service.

Well, based on what I found on Indiana Public Media, the USPS could use a lot of privatization.
About a dozen workers come into the Terre Haute mail processing center at 3:30 p.m. each day. They used to sort through mail that would be shipped across the U.S. That stopped this week. Now, they are sitting with nothing to do but are still getting paid.

It’s the result of a nationwide consolidation plan. The Postal Service moved the processing of its outgoing mail from Terre Haute to Indianapolis, but because of a union contract, none of the workers can be laid off or transferred more than 50 miles.

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