Get ready for the Postal Service bailout

By John Hayward, Human Events

The latest jackpot winners in Bailout America are employees of the U.S. Postal Service, which might have once again escaped serious reform, instead getting a $34 billion taxpayer bailout from the Senate.  According to a Fox News report, “House Republicans call the Senate bill a joke, a special-interest spending binge that does nothing to reform an agency losing business every day, as more and more Americans use e-mail and electronic banking.”

The House has been promoting a far more serious and far-reaching reform plan, the Issa-Ross Postal Reform Act.  To illustrate just how much of a joke the Senate postal bailout is, the comedians at House Oversight uploaded YouTube video of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid explaining why seniors “love junk mail,” because it’s “sometimes their only way of communicating, or feeling they’re part of the real world.”

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