Police report: Gunshots rang out at party at UAW hall

By Ronda Proudfoot,

Police were called to the United Auto Workers hall on Baumhart Road early Sunday after gunshots apparently rang out.

According to a police report, Artis Taylor III, 26, of Lorain rented the hall to hold a “celebration” for Rayshaun Campbell, a man who committed suicide about two years ago.

Police arrived about 3:30 a.m. after receiving multiple calls of gunshots and found a chaotic scene with people running to their vehicles and attempting to flee the area, the report said.

Hall manager Victoria James told officers some sort of altercation started near the stage and shots were fired inside the building. James told police people then scattered, some fleeing outside the hall’s doors and others lying down on the floor to avoid being hit. She said more shots were then fired toward the kitchen area, where she was.


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