Oklahoma Becomes 13th State to Ban PLA Mandates; State Leaders Continue to Stand Up for Free Enterprise

By Andy Conlin, The Truth About PLAs

On April 25, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin signed H.B. 3043, which bans wasteful and discriminatory project labor agreement (PLA) mandates on taxpayer-funded construction in the state. Oklahoma is the ninth state to ban these Big Labor handouts since January 2011, and the 13th state to do so overall.

While Oklahoma does not have a history of problems with PLA mandates, this statute will ensure taxpayers continue to enjoy the value and accountability resulting from public construction that is awarded based on contractors’ ability to provide the best construction at the best price.

This law also ensures neither the state government nor local government entities will be in a position to pick winners and losers for public construction projects based on a contractor’s affiliation with a labor union.


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