Unions protesting Verizon Wireless customer fees, executive compensation at Huntsville shareholders meeting

By Marian Accardi, The Huntsville Times

Motorists heading into Huntsville this morning saw anti-Verizon signs posted along Interstate 565 by people protesting at the Verizon shareholders meeting today at the Von Braun Center.

The signs, which emulate the Verizon logo, say “Verigreedy. Verizon Wireless: Destroying Middle-Class Jobs.”

Members of the Communications Workers of America, the AFL-CIO and other unions planned to gather this morning outside the shareholders meeting to protest several actions of the company — from adding a new $30 upgrade fee for customers upgrading to a new phone to a compensation policy for top executives.

At about 9:15 a.m., union protestors were beginning to gather outside the VBC under a light drizzle.


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