Fresh Raids Target Illegal Hiring

By Miriam Jordan, The Wall Street Journal

The Department of Homeland Security, continuing its crackdown on employers who hire illegal immigrants, has ordered hundreds of companies in recent weeks to submit their hiring records for inspection.

This year’s first “silent raids” haven’t been publicly announced by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the DHS agency that conducts them. But an ICE spokeswoman confirmed on Tuesday that as of March 29, the agency had notified 500 businesses “of all sizes and types” to turn over I-9 employment-eligibility forms and other documents for audits.

“These inspections will determine whether or not the businesses are complying with their employment-eligibility verification requirements,” said Gillian Christensen, ICE deputy press secretary. “No one industry is targeted, nor is any one industry immune from scrutiny,” she added. The government doesn’t divulge the names of companies under investigation.

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